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Coil Reel Guard

Seam Welder head Rebuilds

Various Valve Size Pressure Tester

Coiling Points

Coiling points are used in machines that turn wire into springs. Wire is forced through a set of rollers up against a tool called a coiling point. This tool takes a tremendous amout of force and bends the wire into the needed shape. The tool must maintain a clean and exact shape; however during the process the tool’s tip condition deteriorates. At Component Tool and Manufacturing we can re-cut the desired shape into the existing coiling point so that you don’t need to buy an entirely new tool.

Roll Shafts

Air Wiper

Impeder Fittings

Highway Numerics

These brass cast station sets consist of letters/numbers that are primarily used by surveyors to make a permanent mark in concrete and asphalt roadways. The mark indicates a global position. The kit comes with a comfortable grip and a convenient letter/number replacement mechanism.

  • Replacement parts always available
  • Heavy Duty Carry Case
  • Full set includes numbers 0-8 (6 is reversible for a 9), plus, dash, & one high visability handle
  • High visibility handle eliminates need for a hammer
  • Reinforced numbers for greater supportand less breakage